Poise-N-Ivy School

5035 Elliott Road - Lake Charles, LA 70605 - (337) 478-8100

Extended Day

Poise-N-Ivy Extended School Day


*  If your child is going to attend the Extended School Day (8AM-2:30)

        please let me know as soon as possible due to limited space.

School doors will open at 8 AM. Kindergarten begins at 8:15AM.
       Pre-K 3 & Pre-K 4 classes beginat 8:30AM.
        Students must be picked up by 2:30PM.


*  Late fees will be charged for after 2:30PM pick-ups.

        $10 for any portion of first 15 minutes plus $1 per minute thereafter.

Student will bring LUNCH, which does NOT require warming. Use
Thermos to keep food warm. 
-  Use ice pack if food requires it. We do not have room in the refrigerator to
           store lunches. 
-  No Lunchable Pizza unless pre-made at home.
-  Use drink “box” or small thermos with built-in straw 
   [not bag, pouch or bottle -- No open drink container].


*  Student will need a nap mat with a small cover (baby blanket). We prefer the roll-up mats for easy storage with a small cover rolled in mat. 
Print child's name on mat; bring it to Meet & Greet.


We have the same holidays as Calcasieu Parish Schools.  See School Calendar


There will be no Extended School Day when the whole school goes on off-campus
       field trips and off-campus parties.  Parents are invited to attend.