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5035 Elliott Road - Lake Charles, LA 70605 - (337) 478-8100

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              Poise-N-Ivy School
Dear Parents,

We have several things to share with you.  If you have any questions,
please contact us.

Meet and Greet:  Monday, August 27 and Tuesday, August 28, 2018.   Meet your teacher and see your
.  Your teacher will call to schedule an appointment.


Book & Supply Fee:  There is no Supply List because we bought all the
supplies for you.

                                 Book and Supply Fee due by July 1st

                                                                       Books & Supplies
Pre-K 3:                            $130.00
Pre-K 4:                            $170.00
                                                    Kindergarten:                  $200.00 

                                                                  POISE-N-IVY SCHOOL
                                                                  5640 AUTUMN LANE
                                                                  LAKE CHARLES, LA 70605

     *If your child does NOT attend Poise-N-Ivy, the Book & Supply Fee will be
refunded if and when another student replaces your child's space.

    *If fees are not paid by July 1st, your child's reserved place will be given to the next person on the waiting list.

Back Pack:
  (All Classes)  - The backpack must be large enough to hold a 9X12 folder 
without folding it.

Poise-N-Ivy T-shirt: Worn every Friday and on field trips.  Students & adult:  
 Short Sleeve $15            Long Sleeve $18.00          Both S/S & L/S $30

Show & Tell:  Every Friday -- Bring one thing (toy, book, etc.) special to
him/her to show. 

Time:  Doors open at 8:00AM
                   Class begins promptly at 8:15       Dismissal 11:45AM - 12 Noon*

               Pre-K 3 & Pre-K 4:  
Class begins at 8:30AM         Dismissal
11:15AM - 11:30AM*
            Siblings of Kindergarteners may be picked up at Kindergarten dimissal time.

            Extended School Day: 
                       students must be picked up no later than 2:30PM.*

            ***There will be a late fee for picking your child up after the
                      designated times.

 Traffic Flow: For arrival and dismissal, turn into the North driveway, follow it 
    around the back of the school.  Drive up under the awning.  We will be at the 
    door to help your child out of the car and to help him/her get into the car.  
    You will not need to get out.  If your child happens to cry, please trust us, and 
    let us take him/her into the school while you drive off quickly.  Give us a call 
    and we will let you know how everything is going.  (478-8100) 

Christmas Play & Graduation: In the evening so friends and family can all 

Tuition due by the 5th of each monthA late fee of $15.00, will be
added to your account on the 6th.  All unpaid late balances will incur another late fee
of $15.00 after the 5th of the next month.  Your tuition pays for your child's reserved
space in the class whether they attend or not - for the education, not
for the number of days of school. It may be paid annually, semiannually
or divided into 9 equal payments for your convenience; therefore, tuition is the
same irregardless
of holidays, sickness, etc.  Thank you for being prompt in paying your child's tuition!
We pledge to give our all to provide excellence in education and a loving environment
for your child!

    Checks:  Put your child's name on the Memo line at the bottom of your check. 
    Cash: Must be put in an envelope with your child's name on itReceipts are
given for cash payments only.

Tuesday, Sept. 4: Tues/Thurs PreK-3 (Only)   First day of school
Wednesday, Sept. 5: ALL Other Students  First day of school
  We are looking forward to this school year.  We are all one big happy family at Poise-N-Ivy! 
Your child will be saturated with love and encouragement.  It is our desire that each one
be developed to his/her maximum potential.

                                                    Miss Pam

                                            Monthly Tuition
8:30-11:30 AM

Pre-K 3 - $180(MWF)    Pre-K 3 $150 (TTh)       Pre-K 4 - $220           Kindergarten (8:15-Noon) - $250 

Extended School Day (8:30AM-2:30PM)

Pre-K 3 - $300(MWF)    Pre-K 3 $270 (TTh)      Pre-K 4 - $370           Kindergarten - $400

     Please, be sure to put your child's name card in the windshield of your car. 
We need to be able to see it as you drive up to pick him/her up.  If more than one
person will be picking hem/her up, please get an additional name card at

"Meet and Greet."

Meet & Greet: Bring the following:
            ** BIG box of Kleenex as a gift from your child to his/her teacher.
            ** a copy (NOT original) of child's updated shot record 
            ** Nap Mat if you are attending Extended Day




**Meet & Greet:  Monday, Aug 27 and Tuesday, August 28, 2018     **Mark your Calendar**

If you have siblings, PLEASE INFORM THE TEACHER WHEN YOUR APPOINTMENT IS MADE so both can come at the same time. 
Both teachers will meet with you.